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Scapes come mostly from hard neck garlic during the growing season and are often pulled/cut in the spring to early summer.  Scapes are long flowering stems that grow out of the center of the garlic bulb.  This stalk produces a bulbil pod at the end.  These are edible, often used in pesto sauces or chopped up to be used much like a garlic clove or scallions.

Quantities are limited.  Order early for best availability.  Ships when available, usually early summer, around June/July.

NOTE: THIS IS FOR A PRE-ORDER OF SCAPES meaning you will get in line for the first batch of scapes once we prepare them.   You will be charged to save your spot in line as quantities are limited.  Orders will be shipped in order of receiving them.  If there are any issues with the product or availability, you will receive a full refund.  Thank you!  Here’s to another GREAT season!

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