Sampler Value Pack


A $30 value at just $25….and now on sale! This fun variety pack lets you combine and sample 2 or more different kinds of gourmet garlic.  Choose your own combination or select all currently available varieties to create your own custom combo pack of gourmet garlic bulbs.  This will give you a fine sampling of the varieties we offer and allow you to experiment with different flavors in your own tasty dishes.

Package will be about 1.8 pounds.  You will typically receive 20-30 small to medium bulbs per pound, depending upon average bulb size for each variety.  We are quickly selling out of our larger stock.

List your choices in the comments section (list 2 or more varieties, or for a sampling of all our available varieties just type “all”).  Check our home page for availability of species.  Please note that we are sold out of the Parvin, German Red, Music and Siberian varieties for the season.  We have Chesnok Red and Early Red Italian.

Quantities are limited.  Order early for best availability.

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Weight 1.8 lbs