German Red Gourmet Garlic – SOLD OUT


German Red is part of the hardneck family, Rocambole Group. This is a great tasting garlic that sets the standard for a true garlic flavor. It is hot and spicy with a robust, rich taste that sticks around more than others. This variety is prized by many chefs due to its strong flavor and larger cloves which are easy to peel.  Great for pestos, salsas and chilis. Each pound typically gives you approximately 12-18 medium bulbs, depending upon stock.  Our pre-orders have been going well, so are sold out of our larger stock.  But the taste is still amazing!  Size doesn’t matter when it comes to flavor.  And actually, the smaller, tighter bulbs seem to last longer.

This variety has large cloves and is easily peeled. The flavor is hot and spicy. It is from old time gardeners of German descent in Idaho. Produces nice looking bulbs with rosy pink and brown stripes on the bulb wrapper. A good tasting garlic. A must grow garlic.

Quantities are limited.  Order early for best availability.  Shipping typically starts in July until quantities are sold out.


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