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Gourmet Garlic and Organically Grown delicious garlic.  6 varieties and flavors of bulbs, garlic powder and garlic salt.  We are an Ohio family owned and worked farm where most everything is completed by our hands.  Garlic entails a lot of handling with little use of machines on our farm.  The majority of the work is completed by 3-5 family members, but we have wonderful family and friends that help out when they can. You could say our gourmet garlic is a labor of love.  We hope you enjoy it as much as we enjoy growing it.

You may only be aware of one variety of garlic in the grocery store, but our garlic is much more flavorful.  The aroma can’t be beat, and we offer a variety of species / tastes.  The grocery store garlic is often made in China and usually cannot be planted due to all the preservatives & additives that keep it from sprouting or spoiling.  Our garlic is ready to eat, plant as seed or enjoy our garlic powder and garlic salt all year long.

We strive for organic farming by feeding the soil.  We put organic matter back into the soil and avoid synthetic pesticides and fertilizers.  We are not certified, but use naturally grown practices.

Each bulb is individually separated.  Each clove is planted right side up. Fields are weeded, tilled and watered as needed.  Scapes are cut at the right time.  Harvesting is done mostly by hand; and our gourmet garlic powder and gourmet garlic salt is prepared and dehydrated with care & cleanliness in our home.

We love our customers and welcome your feedback and suggestions. Use our Contact Us page to tell us what we’re doing right or what we can improve on. 

We have had great feedback from our wonderful customers.  One customer stated “Amazing garlic. I’ve been growing garlic for many years and I wanted to add a second variety. I ordered 1 pound and received tons of very healthy looking bulbs. These people know what they’re doing with their garlic. Came very fast. A+++++++”. 

Another customer left a review of “Just bought some of their amazing garlic.  Smells heavenly and they have quite the variety……I will say they are quick, professional, and everything looks awesome.  They smell fresh and organic with no hints of any pesticides, or anti-cracking agents.  Love to support local farmers and their crops.  Thank you Darling family!”

Two recent reviews “I’m obsessed with garlic and this is the best tasting garlic powder I could find – hands down!” and also “Great product & great costumer service. The garlic is gorgeous as you can see on the pic and it arrived fast, with all the necessary instructions on how to store & plant. I would recommend it!”

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A typical day on the Darling family farm!